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Did you know that there are over 13,000 microbreweries in Europe alone? It is our goal to be your guide on this craft beer discovery trip. We will take you by the hand and help you discover new tastes from new hidden gems every month. Expert beer tasters as well as novices will be surprised by the beers we offer in our boxes.

We support microbreweries

By buying directly from the brewers we can help them develop their businesses. Microbrewers are striving to get better everyday, contrary to the big industrial brewers whom just care about getting bigger and sales. We love the idea of the artisan, caring about quality only. Unfortunately supermarkets and cafés often don't, one of the reasons why it is so hard for you to get hold of these often limited edition beers.

Foodpairing tips

Every drink needs a bite. And there is a lot of fuzz about foodpairing when it comes to wine, well we promise you that you will be amazed by the foodtips you will get from our chefs specialised in beerpairing.

Customer Reviews

Jorrit Neggers > Beerbutler
30 maart om 11:35 - Sint-Katelijne-Waver

Once again a nice selection of uniquely quality beers!

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Jennifer Rookeheeft een nieuwe foto toegevoegd aan de tijdlijn van Beerbutler - in Diepenbeek
11 uur

A craft beer menu is now available in my own kitchen, thanks to #beerbutlr! A year of beer, and the first 8 are looking great! --- Feeling hoptimistic

Lyuboslav Alexandrov
8 januari om 12:18

An awesome gift from awesome clients! Beerbutler Love these guys

Atilla Van Regenmortel Beerbutler
12 februari

Good start of the weekend, thanks of Beerbutler!

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Jan Putcuyps nieuwsgierig
12 april om 20:46 Rumst

De Beerbutler box van april is toegekomen, met weer een topkeuze van 8 flesjes. Ik kijk deze keer vooral uit naar de 'you shall nut pass' van To-Ol, en het jubileumbier van brouwerij't #Pakhuis 'Het Stalen Ros'. Bij in de doos organische organische lichtgezouten popcorn en een pakje bierkaartjes van Beerbutler zelf.


Alberik Cole heeft een nieuwe foto toegevoegd aan de tijdijn van Beerbutler - met Charles Sablon.
19 februari om 22:28
Sylvain Gaudnek
13 januari

The first package had landed

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